The Lab.gruppen Story


The Lab.Gruppen story

in 1979, Kenneth Anderson and Dan Bavholm established Lab.gruppen while working out of a cramped electronics repair shop in Kungsbacka, sweden.

Kenneth Andersson and Dan Bävholm founded Lab.gruppen in 1979 with a fist full of Kroner, hearts full of passion, determination and a desire to succeed — whatever the limitations. Neither was particularly experienced in the world of audio or music. They first met as schoolboys with a complimentary interest in electronics. Their craft was learned empirically through reading and practical projects, slowly developing the skills that would ultimately lead to the creation of world renowned, landmark products. 

Their early output, however, was completely market driven. Friends introduced the budding electronics “gurus” to local musicians who were only too eager to access products to fill their needs that could be competitively priced against name-brand imports. Kenneth and Dan dived into their first project with vigor. The outcome — not a power amplifier, but a hand-made mixing console. Neither had ever attempted such a feat, but it worked. And worked so well that it served as at FOH for a concert in their hometown by the famous jazz performer, Eartha Kitt and remained in service for many, many years. 

They continued to react to local market needs and created other mixers and a series of guitar heads and combos that attracted the attention of many important artists, including the legendary Johnny Winter. Their intermittent manufacture of mixers and guitar amplifiers continued through the formal establishment of Lab.gruppen in 1979. 

The company was originally located inside a local hi-fi store, where the duo serviced consumer equipment for additional income. It was here that the company’s first professional audio power amplifier was created. The rest, as they say, is history. Read on and see what 2000 SEK and passion did…