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Accessibility Statement

We’ve worked very hard to make visiting our website an enjoyable experience. As part of this commitment, we’ve implemented some features to make the site more useable for people with disabilities. This page describes some of those features, and provides some pointers on how to get the best out of this website.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at support@labgruppen.com. We’re committed to making this website as usable as possible for all our visitors, and welcome any feedback or suggestions.

Accesskeys used on this website

Accesskeys help people to navigate a website using their keyboard. The following table lists the accesskeys that we have used on this site:

AccesskeyWhat it does
0 (zero)Displays the “Accessibility Statement” page (this page)
1 (one)Displays the “Home” page for this website
2 (two)Jumps to the main content on the current page
3 (three)Loads the “Contact Us” page, so you can get in touch with us
4 (four)Positions the cursor in the “Site Search” text box

How to resize the text

If you find the text on this website a bit too small, most modern web browsers will allow you to enlarge it. Choose your preferred browser from the list below to find out how to change your text size.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

To change the text size in Internet Explorer, go to View in the main menu, and then Text Size. Select the size you want from the list.

Firefox & Safari

On a Windows PC use CTRL+ (the “Control” key and the plus sign) to increase the text size, and CTRL- (the “Control” key and the minus sign) to decrease the text size in Firefox or Safari.

If you’re using an Apple Mac, use AppleKey+ (the “Apple” key and the plus sign) to increase the text size, and AppleKey- (the “Apple” key and the minus sign) to decrease the text size.

Our use of “web standards”

We designed and built this website with web standards in mind. In practical terms, this means that:

JavaScript not required

JavaScript is used on lots of websites to improve the user’s experience by providing lots of little enhancements that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. However, not all our visitors use browsers that support JavaScript, and we’ve worked hard to ensure that all the important stuff still works for them.

A good example of this is the forms on this website. We use JavaScript to let you know if you’ve forgotten to fill out some required information when you submit the form. This means that you don’t have to wait around for the next page to load, only to find that you’ve missed something on the form.

If you haven’t got JavaScript enabled, the form will still work fine; you’ll have to wait a bit longer to check that everything is ok.

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