Audio Jewellers puts the sparkle into antiSOCIAL

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Audio Jewellers puts the sparkle into antiSOCIAL  

AntiSOCIAL is currently one of the most popular new music venues in Delhi and probably one of the biggest combined spaces for alternative music in India, catering to a total of 700 to 800 people. Spread over three floors, the venue encompasses three very different styles and moods. Narinder Pal Singh from Delhi-based installation specialists, Audio Jewellers, first became involved with the venue in early 2014 when an obsolete sound system was in place. His company was called upon to specify the upgrade and faced a number of challenges from the start.

The first floor comprises a workplace, café area entitled ‘Social’, whilst the second floor features antiSOCIAL, a hard core party area for evening events. The third floor invites visitors to a chilled, relaxed open terrace space called Chaatt, overlooking the peaceful Hauz Khas lake. The idea being that the venue can therefore cater for all times and scenarios. ‘It’s a heritage area,’ explained Mr Singh, ‘so the period of construction was very slow and there were a number of issues that needed to be dealt with. It took a while before we got to the audio element and work was delayed from last autumn until February 2015.’

Inside the challenges continued. ‘The acoustics themselves presented a bit of challenge; being a heritage site you can’t do a lot and the venue has absolutely plain simple walls and floor, nothing on it and quite a strange room configuration with quite a lot of glass and concrete,’ he furthered. ‘It was an acoustical nightmare – probably one of the worst rooms I’ve ever been to. Even when we were doing the smart calibration of the systems, the graphs were all over the place and it was very tough to contain sound in that room. However, I am a minimalist, so I don’t want to fiddle with the system too much but we did have to do some tweaking, which was the biggest challenge. Being an old building the height was a challenge too, with 3.5m high ceilings, which if you take the columns into calculation, takes it down to 3m at certain places.’

The main system inside antiSOCIAL comprises two ceiling-hung Tannoy VX15HP loudspeakers and two VS218DR subwoofers at the stage area, powered by Lab.gruppen IPD2400 and C68:4 amplifiers. Coverage is extended to the rear of the room via a pair of VX12s and a VSX12.2BP subwoofer, and throughout the rest of premises via strategically placed DVS8T cabinets.

‘This room was a challenge,’ recalled Mr Singh. ‘It’s really obnoxious at 63Hz, so we had to place the subs strategically to cancel those frequencies and not EQ the system because doing anything to this frequency really kills the music and range. Essentially it’s a straight venue but broadens out. We have installed two delays and when the management is expecting a bigger audience they complement the system.

Mr Singh attributes much of the project’s success to his choice of products. ‘I think Tannoy and Lab.gruppen are a deadly combination, you can’t go wrong,’ he enthused. ‘Any application, any kind of situation or specification – there is a product from Tannoy to match. We’ve got flexibility, both in terms of manufacturer and budget, so when a customer asks for a solution I know we can’t go wrong and I’ve never been let down.’


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