L&S run German festival on PLM power


Recently, German rental company L&S provided stage, lighting and sound for the unique AbiFestival in Lingen, Germany, with a backline powered exclusively by PLMs.

Since 1981, the event has been organised to celebrate the graduation of the high school students of Lingen, with around 200 students helping with the organization of the festival.

With colourful headliners including The Orson, MC fitti and Laing, L&S used an EAW loudspeaker set up, including a PA KF740 line array as the main PA system.

Power was entirely provided by Lab.gruppen PLM Series amplifiers, most notably the PLM 10000Q, PLM 14000 and PLM 20000Q, the flagship model in the range.

As FOH and monitor consoles, the new CL-series by Yamaha was used alongside the digital stage boxes. A CL5 for the front mix and CL3 for the monitor mix. The transmission and signal distribution for both the inputs and the outputs was transmitted via Dante. Thanks to the skills of Dante enabled CL consoles and Lab.gruppen amplifiers, that was no problem. As an interface for the master signals the guest FOH consoles were two Lake LM 44s.

Christian Kreinberg, FOH engineer on the Abifestival, was very impressed: “The EAW system, in conjunction with the PLM Series amplifiers from Lab.gruppen, which come complete with Lake Processing inside, was great to work with and had more than enough head room for the task”, he said. 

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