Legacy / Discontinued

Lake legacy

Lake legacy Controller software provides a unified interface  for control and monitoring of PLMâ„¢ Series Powered Loudspeaker Managementâ„¢ systems and Lake LM 26 Digital Audio Loudspeaker Processors.
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Lake Controller

PLM Series

With 3 models to choose from the expanded PLM Series now affords users total flexibility in re-configuring racks for power-hungry subwoofers, line arrays, or stage monitors. Each is housed in a 2U hardware frame and is supplied with a special version of the familiar Lake Controller software application for remote monitoring and control of all functions.

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PLM 20000Q

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PLM 10000Q

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PLM 14000

fP Series

After more than a decade of relentless touring, enduring the most demanding conditions imaginable, fP Series amplifiers have a hard-earned reputation for die-hard reliability and consistently superior audio performance. While now discontinued, there are still many thousands of units out there performing day in, day out - the essence of Lab.gruppen amplification.

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fP 6400

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fP 3400

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fP 2400Q