LAB GRUPPEN Release LAKE Controller V6.5.0

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LAB GRUPPEN have announced the release of Lake Controller v6.5.0 which provides enhanced usability and bug fixes for D Series Lake, PLM+, PLM Series, LM Series and MY8-LAKE.

New Features

  1. Support for LAB GRUPPEN's new D Series Slimline models: D 10:4L and D 20:4L. 
  2. Module Output Mixing.
  3. Option to Keep Group Assignment on Module Recall.
  4. Possible to set Auto Power Down for PLM+ and D Series. 
  5. Automatic Power Cycle when upgrading PLM+ or D Series Firmware. 

We recommend all users to update to this version as soon as possible. 



This version of Lake Controller requires all product types to be updated with the firmware included in this release. Older versions of Lake Controller will not work with the firmware supplied with this release.

Users can download V6.5.0 here