Lab.gruppen releases IntelliDrive Controller app for iPad


Lab.gruppen has announced the release of a dedicated iPad app for IntelliDrive Controller, the innovative software platform behind the IPD Series amplifier range. 

At the heart of IPD Series, a powerful DSP engine is equipped with a total of 40 real-time, multi-slope parametric EQs along with adjustable gain, input delay, output delay, and high-pass and low-pass filters adjustable to any frequency. A Software Configurable Voltage Peak Limiter (SCVPL) tailors outputs to load conditions, maintaining pristine sound quality, while a 4-channel input mixer provides flexible input routing. Parameters may be stored in up to 100 user-defined presets, and all processing power is harnessed for easy use through the intuitive, touch-based GUI of IntelliDrive Controller™.

Martin Andersson, Product Manager for Lab.gruppen, said: “The IntelliDrive Controller for iPad allows you to wirelessly control and monitor your Lab.gruppen IPD Series amplifiers with your iPad. By connecting a WiFi router to your IPDs and accessing the router from your iPad, you can control all DSP parameters as single unit configuration or create groups for adjustment of selectable DSP parameters for many IPDs simultaneously, all from the one platform.”

To download the IntelliDrive app (only found, downloadable and suitable for iPad), click here: 

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