Lab.gruppen Updates CAFÉ Software with ESP 2.0


Lab.gruppen Updates CAFÉ Software with ESP 2.0

Lab.gruppen has announced the release of version 1.2.0 of CAFÉ (Configuring Amplifiers For the Environment), incorporating new features for system design and commissioning of the company’s PLM+ and D Series amplifier platforms using either Windows or Mac computers.

Ease of use has been enhanced with added help sections at the top of each view together with tool tips for all fields. Also, the user interface now supports use of imperial units on cable lengths and in other parameters. CAFÉ’s ground-breaking ESP (Equipment Specification Prediction) feature, which helps system designers move from specified loudspeakers to an optimal selection of amplifiers throughout the system, has been greatly improved with this second generation release. The Automap algorithm in ESP has been updated for more logical leveling out of headroom throughout the system, and the channel sorting has been improved to present a more logical order among the channels. The Automap algorithm analyzes the loudspeaker requirements and automatically finds the most cost effective set of amplifier models and places channels optimally.

As an additional benefit, ESP calculates cooling and mains distribution requirements per amplifier and for complete equipment rooms based on exact loudspeaker requirements. ESP works in conjunction with Lab.gruppen’s RPM (Rational Power Management) feature to allocate the optimum power as needed for the different channels, minimizing wasted headroom.

In the CAFÉ’s RPM view, a new input option has been added for intuitive entry of high-impedance/constant voltage loudspeakers in the section for entry of loudspeaker requirements. Also, a synchronization feature has been implemented to transfer amplifier naming as implemented in in ESP to Lake frame labels in online frames.

CAFÉ 1.2.0 also incorporates performance and stability improvements along with bug fixes. It is available for free download at www.labgruppen/support/download.

More information is available in CAFÉ Coach, a series of video tutorials offering a comprehensive guide to the features of the program. The tutorials cover both offline configuration and online operation and monitoring capabilities. CAFÉ Coach is accessible both via the Lab.gruppen website and the Lab.gruppen channel on YouTube.