New accessories make LUCIA a more compelling choice for contractors


Lab.gruppen has announced a range of optional accessories designed to enhance the utility and cost-effectiveness of LUCIA compact installation amplifiers.

LUCIA (Localized Utility Compact Intelligent Amplification) offers a ‘decentralized’ approach to AV systems design, putting power, processing, control and I/O exactly where it’s needed, rather than conventional distributed (70 V / 100 V, often referred to as ‘constant voltage’) approach, where all amplifiers, processing and matrixes are located centrally in equipment room racks.

The new accessories offer systems designers and contractors a simpler and more effective solution for modern installs, with no third party controller required.

Flexible mounting options allow placement of LUCIA amplifiers either in equipment racks or adjacent to video screens, fixed either on screen support poles or ceiling structural elements. In addition, the purpose-built remote control units (both standalone and potentiometer ‘DIY kits’ and self-contained complete units*) allow remote volume control and source selection without the complexity of integrating third party control systems.

Klas Dalbjorn, Product Research Manager at Lab.gruppen, said: “These new accessories are designed to complement and enhance LUCIA’s ease of use and flexibility for contractors and installers. With flexible options for both mounting and control, it means we are now offering a complete set of tools for the end user, one that make LUCIA an even more compelling choice.”

*complete wall panel control unit available within EU only