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Rain Age enhance rental offering with new PLM Series purchase

Published on 6th March, 2013

Rain Age in Germany Leading German pro audio company Rain Age have added a further 10 Lab.gruppen PLM Series amplifiers to their extensive inventory, reaffirming the company’s faith in the technology available from Lab.gruppen and Lake.

The company – based in Landsberg, Germany – have built up a well-respected reputation over the past 15 years, providing full service production capability to a large number and variety of events, from club concerts to large scale arena shows.

The new purchase of PLM Series amplifiers – which come integrated with Lake Processing – complements the company’s existing stock of Lab.gruppen FP+ amplifiers and Lake LM Series devices.

Marc Greiss, Head of Audio at Rain Age, has decades of experience in the live music industry, and for him, the decision to purchase new kit from Lab.gruppen was an easy one. “Of course, the choice of amplifiers is very important for a good sounding PA System. I have known Lab.gruppen a long time, and have worked with them throughout my career, so there is nothing to try for me. They are simply extremely reliable and great sounding pieces of kit. In my entire time in pro audio, I have never had a single failure, which is testament to the quality of these amplifiers.”

But of course, for a company like Rain Age to invest in any equipment, it has to be about much more than the brand name, and Greiss is keen to point out the benefits an amplifier platform like PLM offers, including the integrated Lake Processing. “With the PLMs, we have a very good multi-tool in our inventory,” he said. “You can do nearly everything with them. One day you might have a large monitor setup on stage, and the next day you can use the same amp rack for a club-PA for example, so it’s very flexible.

“With regards to the Lake Processing, I think it’s a very smart move to integrate a very good controller with a very good amplifier. We also have Lake LM Series devices as System Controllers, so I know Lake Processing very well. For me Lake is the best tool you can have.”

Of course, both the PLM Series and LM Series offer a Dante capability, meaning that users are able to route the audio through a digital network, something that Greiss is looking towards. “I find that Dante is a great audio network, and it is becoming more and more popular in our business. Up until now I have only really experimented with it, but in the near future, I think it will be a standard in our systems. The PLM Series amplifiers allow us to accommodate that shift in technology without having to purchase further equipment.”


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