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NLB 60E NomadLink® Bridge & Network Controller

The NLB 60E NomadLink Bridge & Network Controller serves as the keystone hardware component in any NomadLink network for amplifier monitoring and control. It acts as the master controller for a subnet of as many as 60 Lab.gruppen C Series or FP+ Series amplifiers. Using the front panel keys and displays, the user can monitor critical functions as well as initiate power on/off commands. The NLB 60E also functions as a bridge between Lab.gruppen’s proprietary NomadLink network and a standard Ethernet LAN, allowing easy connection to a PC running DeviceControl software. With its multiple display views and intuitive graphical control, DeviceControl greatly enhances the power, flexibility and utility offered by the NLB 60E.

Front panel

NLB 60E front panel

Three LED indicators are located at the left of the display:
Front locked: Front panel operation blocked by password lockout or because DeviceControl software currently in operation.
Mute: Illuminates when subnet is muted.
Fault: Illuminates when a fault is detected on one or more of the amplifiers in the subnet.

A 2×16 character display is located center-left. The bright white letters on a blue background are daylight visible.

To the right of the display there six navigation keys enabling easy control of all features.

Two dedicated Power on/off buttons allow powering the amplifier subnet on or off.

At the far right, a blue LED illuminates when the NomadLink network is connected and active. Immediately below are LEDS indicating Ethernet connected (red) and Ethernet activity (yellow), as well as an Ethernet jack in parallel with the rear Ethernet connection. The TCP/IP address for the NLB 60E can be set manually or by using any DHCP server functionality available in the LAN.

Rear panel


The NLB 60E rear panel provides an EtherCon-type RJ45 connector for Ethernet/LAN connection. This connector functions in parallel with the front-side connector.

The NomadLink network connections (In and Out) also use EtherCon-type RJ45 connectors for added connection security. NLB 60E connects to a subnet of as many as 60 amplifiers in a daisy-chained loop. Total cable length of the loop may be up to 300 m/1000 ft; the greatest single distance between any adjacent amplifiers in the loop, or the NLB 60E and amplifier, can be as much as 100 m/333 ft.

Three General Purpose Input (GPI) connections allow control of amplifier on/off functions by external devices such as power sequencers or fire alarm systems. One GPI is made to sense voltage (above/below +10 V DC), while the other two GPI’s sense contact closure. All GPI’s are equipped with 2-pole Phoenix-type connectors.

The auto-sensing mains power inlet automatically accepts and operates at any voltage in between 100 V and 140 V, 50/60 Hz.

NLB 60E – Key features

  • Provides a bridge between Ethernet LAN and the NomadLink network
  • Controls and monitors a subnet comprising as many as 60 amplifiers
  • Up to 480 amplifier channels accessible on a single subnet
  • Direct, front-panel access to on/off functions for all connected amplifiers
  • Front panel LED indicates fault condition on any connected amplifier
  • Bright, white-on-blue, 2×16 character display
  • Voltage sensing General Purpose Input (GPI)
  • Contact closure General Purpose Inputs (GPI)
  • 1U metal chassis
  • Auto-sensing universal power supply

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