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Installation Products

LUCIA. Decentralize.

The LUCIA series

LUCIA (Localized Utility Compact Intelligent Amplification) heralds a new approach to fixed installation audio, putting low-impedance power, DSP, control and I/O exactly where it’s needed – close to the end-user and loudspeakers. With that, comes superior quality audio, flexibility at point of use and a cost-efficient, scalable system.

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E Series. Simple economics, brilliant IDEEA™

The E series

Introducing E Series, built around Lab.gruppen’s brilliant IDEEA, the IntelliDrive Energy Efficient Amplifier. Specifically designed for greater sustainability through “greener” commercial installations, the E Series incorporates the latest advances in Lab.gruppen quality and durability into three powerful, ultra-compact, and highly cost-effective two-channel amplifiers.

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C Series. Standing the installation world on its ear.

The installation-dedicated C Series from Lab.gruppen – Lab.gruppen’s hallmark tour-honed design philosophies, specifically tailored for the fixed installation market. The flexible C Series of 4-channel and 8-channel, 2U amplifiers couple space saving power-to-size, channel density, superb sound quality and continuous reliability, with a comprehensive six-year warranty to provide an unprecedented value and performance proposition. Our latest is the new flagship C 88:4.

All models provide for the individual adjustment of maximum voltage peak output and gain per channel and bridge-mode operation per channel pair. Advanced NomadLink® networking, remote monitoring and control facilities come standard.

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The C series

IPD Series. Now 1U can have it all.

The IPD series

Introducing IPD: the Intelligent Power Drive™ Series. Available in two power configurations (2 × 600 W and 2 × 1200 W), the ultra-compact IPD Series delivers powerful networked integrated DSP, a 4-channel input matrix, extensive front panel controls and graphic display, analog and AES input and definitive Lab.gruppen limiters and build quality… All in a 1U chassis.

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PLM™ – Powered Loudspeaker Management™ The flagship, award-winning PLM 20000Q

Powered Loudspeaker Management (PLM) has revolutionized live event audio with its seamless fusion of renowned Lake® processing with an amplifier platform based on the power density, sonic purity, and proven reliability of Lab.gruppen’s flagship FP+ Series.

The latest addition to the PLM Series is the two-input/four-output PLM 20000Q, producing prodigious power output of 5000 W per channel @ 2.2 – 3.3 ohms. PLM 20000Q now joins the PLM 14000 and the PLM 10000Q in an expanded PLM Series, offering users even more flexibility in re-configuring racks for power-hungry subwoofers, line arrays, or stage monitors. All PLM Series units also incorporate revolutionary load verification and performance monitoring features that assure extended reliability for all system components, loudspeakers included.

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The PLM series

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