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PLM™ – Powered Loudspeaker Management™ The flagship, award-winning PLM 20000Q

The PLM Series

PLM 20000Q: Four channels of prodigious power under Lake® control

PLM 20000Q Powered Loudspeaker Management couples the world’s most powerful four-channel amplifier platform to the industry-leading digital sound manipulation features of Lake Processing. The result is a seamlessly unified sound reinforcement core that offers unprecedented flexibility, pristine digital filtering and delay, plus effortless ability to drive difficult loads. When compared to conventional approaches using separate components, the PLM 20000Q affords significant advantages in sonic performance, user functionality, rental inventory utilization, and long-term cost savings.

The PLM 20000Q provides four discrete output channels, each rated at greater than 5000 W into 2.2 – 3.3 ohms (4400 W into 4 ohms). To achieve this massive output power, Lab.gruppen engineers designed an all-new universal (100 to 265 V) Regulated Switch Mode Power Supply (R.SMPS) with power factor correction to reduce peak current draw. New output devices in the refined Class TD output stage allow 194 V peak voltage to the load. And the Power Average Limiter works in tandem with a software-controlled Breaker Emulation Limiter (BEL®) to avoid tripping of mains breakers, even with prolonged peak demands.

The new PLM 20000Q complements two other systems – the four-channel PLM 10000Q and the two-channel PLM 14000 – in the expanded PLM Series. All three integrate Dante™ networked audio distribution, renowned Lake® drive processing, and load verification with real-time performance monitoring . Each is housed in a 2U hardware frame and is supplied with a special version of the familiar Lake Controller software application for remote monitoring and control of all functions. The same Lake Controller-equipped computer can control any combination of PLM Series units, new stand-alone LM 26 Lake Processors, Dolby® Lake Processors, and legacy Lake units.

The expanded PLM Series now affords users total flexibility in re-configuring racks for power-hungry subwoofers, line arrays, or stage monitors.

Powered Loudspeaker Management: Total Loudspeaker Control

For forward-thinking rental companies and high-end installation designers, the PLM Series brings a host of technical and operational benefits.

PLM Series: A Sound Investment for Touring or Installation

Audio rental companies and performance venues are businesses. Long term success requires wise investment decisions. In this respect, the PLM Series proves a top-notch performer on the bottom line.

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