fP Series

in compact standalone format

in compact standalone format

fP Series

Known for years as “the coolest amps in the world,” the now discontinued fP Series amplifiers are a solid investment in proven performance.

After more than a decade of relentless touring, enduring the most demanding conditions imaginable, fP Series amplifiers have a hard-earned reputation for die-hard reliability and consistently superior audio performance.

The two flagship models of the fP Series, the fP 6400 and fP 3400, were the first to utilize Lab.gruppen’s proprietary Class TD® output stage, a patented technology that combines the efficiency of Class D designs with the sonic purity of Class B topologies.

Known for years as “the coolest amps in the world,” fP Series amplifiers are a solid investment in proven performance – one that will recover its cost time and again.

Regulated Switch Mode Power Supply (R.SMPS™)

Built-in regulation assures consistent, undiminished power output with no sonic degradation, even when there is significant fluctuation in the mains voltage. This innovative power supply design, incorporating a ferrite power transformer, is a key element in creating a power amplifier that is lightweight and compact while delivering high power output with very low distortion.

Remaining cool

Highly efficient, fP Series amplifiers produce relatively little heat even at high power levels. Residual heat inside the amplifier is dissipated quickly by the patented Intercooler® system. With thousands of pure copper fins exposed to twin speed-controlled fans, Intercooler moves potentially damaging heat outside the amplifier rapidly and effectively. Keeping cool is the key to the legendary reliability of the fP Series amplifiers.

Convertible power amplification: The Matching Load System (MLS™)

The predecessor of Lab.gruppen’s Voltage Peak Limiter (VPL), MLS lets the user custom-tailor each amplifier output for the impedance characteristics of the connected load. MLS assures optimum performance while protecting both the amplifier output stage and the connected drivers.

Class evolution: Class TD

Lab.gruppen’s patented Class TD output stage is incorporated in the fP 6400 and fP 3400. Combining the artifact-free sonic performance of Class A/B with the efficiency of Class D, this technology guarantees exceptional sonic transparency along with optimal use of energy.

Gain flexibility

The Multiple Position Gain Switch (M.PGS) matches the input stage to the source signal to maximize headroom and prevent input clipping. Eight gain settings, ranging from 20 dB to 41 dB, tailor the input to any industry standard. (Included on all fP Series models except the fP 2400Q.)

Key Features

  • Compact, lightweight (8 kg, 18 lbs) 2U design
  • MLS Switch: Lab.gruppen's unique power matching for different loads
  • Easily accessible dust filters
  • Improved low-end power bandwidth
  • Extruded front panel for increased stability
  • Regulated Switch Mode Power Supply (R.SMPS)
  • Proven ultra-reliable over more than a decade of use around the world