FP+ Series

in compact standalone format

in compact standalone format

FP+ Series

Stake your reputation on the true King of the Road, ensuring the show goes on, time after time.

Few currently available amplifier platforms have achieved legendary status among the touring so quickly and unquestionably as our FP+ Series. Simply put, no other amplifiers can match the FP+ Series’ reputation for delivering superior sound quality, enduring severe stress, and keeping the show going, no matter what.

In today’s highly demanding touring environment, competitive sound hire companies the world over have come to rely on Lab.gruppen’s FP+ Series amplifiers for performance that leads to profitability. 

6 models to choose from

Select from six different models, with power output from 2000 to 7000 watts per channel, including two four-channel versions. Regardless of your system size or program material – from delicate classical to slamming hip-hop – your FOH arrays and monitor wedges will realize full performance potential under FP+ Series power.

All FP+ Series amplifiers share common family traits. All are built around the same core technologies, including patented Class TD® output stage topology, R.SMPS regulated switch-mode power supplies, and proprietary copper-finned Intercooler heat dissipation systems. All offer real-time monitoring and control via the NomadLink network, with network modules included as standard equipment. And no matter where your tours may take you, all FP+ Series amplifiers are followed by Lab.gruppen’s six-year, no-quibble warranty.

Built in Sweden to tour the world

The Lab.gruppen FP+ Series was designed and engineered to achieve unprecedented channel and power density. Simply put, FP+ amplifiers allow you to configure racks of any size – for any mobile reinforcement application – using fewer, smaller, and lighter amplifiers. A very few compact racks, each easily maneuvered by a single person, now can power an arena-sized system with headroom to spare.

Each FP+ amplifier is 2U high and weighs a mere 12 kg (less than 27 lbs). Yet each produces nearly twice the clean, sustained output power of equivalent predecessor fP Series models. To achieve this extreme channel density and power-to-size ratio, Lab.gruppen engineers refined and upgraded two proprietary technologies: the regulated switch-mode power supply (R.SMPS™) and the patented Class TD® output stage. Both are incorporated in all four FP+ Series amplifiers. Working together, this new generation of proprietary circuits produces more power from a smaller package while at the same time maintaining Lab.gruppen’s peerless reputation for sonic excellence. The highs stay crisp and transparent. The mids are warm and natural. And the tight low end delivers visceral impact. You will notice the difference immediately, as will audiences, on-stage performers (when powering monitors), and the event promoters as well.

Reduce your rackspace requirements by at least 50%

A bridgeable two-channel amplifier still provides the optimum solution when you need maximum power reserves from one chassis – as when driving massive subwoofers, for example. For these applications, FP+ Series offers the FP 4000, 9000 and the awe-inspiring FP 14000.

However, when it comes to powering multiple mid- and high-frequency drivers, as is the norm for line arrays and extensive stage monitoring systems, four channel amplifiers simply make more sense. You have more discrete channels for more flexibility, yet both space and weight are drastically reduced. The FP+ Series meets this need with two ultrahigh-power, four-channel models: FP 10000Q and the FP 6000Q.

FP+ four channel amplifiers are ideally suited to the demanding requirements of modern sound reinforcement systems, and of line arrays in particular. With the extraordinarily high power of the FP 10000Q you can run cabinets in parallel down to 2 ohms in stadium-sized systems and still enjoy generous headroom reserves. The same benefits apply when using the FP 6000Q for medium-sized line arrays.

By stocking your racks with higher-power two- and four-channel FP+ amplifiers, your total amplifier count often can be cut in half – or better – when compared to equivalent configurations with other amplifiers, and still with headroom to spare. A few small racks with a total amplifier weight of well under 100 kg can supply ample power for one side of an arena-sized system. When you factor in the size and weight reductions on racks for both sides of the system, the savings in labor and truck space become worthy of serious consideration.

Key Features

  • Unprecedented power density: higher output in a compact (2U), lightweight frame
  • Seven models allow rack configuration flexibility a perfect match for any application
  • 2 and 4-channel versions
  • Proven durability in extreme touring conditions
  • A full suite of protection features for fail-safe operation
  • Patented Class TD® output stages for high efficiency and sonic transparency
  • NomadLink network monitoring and control (module included as standard)
  • All channels bridgeable with automatic -6dB summing compensation
  • Outputs optimized for load conditions with VPL™
  • Craftsman-built in Kungsbacka, Sweden