IPD Series

Supreme performance

cutting edge features

unprecedented affordability

renowned reliability

IPD Series

Combining uncompromising performance, features and reliability with unprecedented affordability.

Until today, your choice of amplifier involved a balanced compromise: between performance, features, build quality and cost. Something always had to give. But IPD Series changes all of that. Now you can benefit from superior capabilities and renowned reliability, without compromising on affordability.

We have effectively rewritten the rule book with the IPD Series, changing everything you’d expect from a compact and moderately priced 1U amplifier. First, we took no shortcuts. The high sustained power output, exemplary performance, and robust build quality are everything you would expect from a Lab.gruppen product. What you would not expect are all the extras at no additional cost: analog and AES3 digital inputs, supercharged on-board DSP with a feature set and processing power rivaling high-priced standalone digital audio processors, and Ethernet-based networking for monitoring and control by a computer running the intuitive IntelliDrive Controller software.


smart green credentials with our IDEEA platform

The now proven IntelliDrive Energy Efficient Amplifier (IDEEA) platform represents the latest evolution of our amplifier design philosophies, drawing from technologies in our flagship PLM Series, to create ingenious contractor solutions with supreme green credentials.


IntelliDrive Controller

At the heart of IPD Series is the intuitive GUI of the IntelliDrive Controller software, giving powerful user control over just about every aspect of DSP performance on each device on the network. Available on PC and Mac, and designed with touch-screen in mind, IntelliDrive Controller gives you the edge when it comes to system tuning.


Supercharged DSP power

IPD Series boasts a latest-generation DSP engine equipped with up to a total of 40 real-time, multi-slope parametric EQs along with adjustable gain, input and output delay, and both high- and low-pass filters adjustable to any frequency. This makes IPD Series akin to a standalone digital audio processor, with 2 pristine amplifier channels for free!

Key Features

  • High power density with up to 2400 W in 1 U
  • Low mains current draw with proven IDEEA technology
  • Highly advanced DSP with 40 real-time multi-slope PEQ
  • IPD LoadLibrary speaker presets and 100 user-definable
  • Networked control via IntelliDrive Controller™ touch-based GUI
  • AES3 and analog inputs with redundant failover
  • Software-configured Speaker Protect Limiter
  • Four-channel input mixer
  • Backlit display with navigation buttons and encoder for front panel setup
  • Horizontal VU meters on display in operating mode
  • Binding post and Neutrik speakON connectors
  • Universal power supply: 100 – 240 V at 50 or 60 Hz
  • Fast network setup with auto-discovery and ID of amplifiers
  • Three year warranty