Advanced Localized Amplification

cutting edge onboard dsp

for great sound with ease


LUCIA is about bringing great sound to everyday experiences no matter what, with ease.

LUCIA – Why might a decentralized approach work for you?

With LUCIA, Lab.gruppen brings significantly better audio performance and greater flexibility to everyday AV applications, with real benefits for both the end-user and the audio contractor. LUCIA is a first for Lab.gruppen in providing an innovative solution to amplification and processing. This ‘decentralized’ approach to AV systems design puts power, processing, control and I/O exactly where it’s needed. LUCIA facilitates a cost-effective alternative to the conventional approach, where all amplifiers, processing and matrix mixers are located centrally in equipment room racks -- often far removed from the end use location. Instead, LUCIA packages everything in one compact unit, ready be installed locally at the heart of any dedicated application. The benefits include better sound reproduction with reduced loudspeaker cable runs, greater user flexibility (giving local inputs and some zone control), and potentially avoiding the costs associated with a separate AV equipment room. The bottom line: LUCIA is far easier to install and set-up for great results – saving time and money.

Bringing great sound to everyday experiences.

At the heart of LUCIA (Localized Utility Compact Intelligent Amplification) is its ingenious DSP and advanced limiter design – ensuring great sounding results to provide a more dynamic listening experience and a satisfying audience environment. LUCIA is about simplicity. Removing the complications and compromises of traditional centralized audio systems, LUCIA brings truly exceptional sound quality, ease of use and flexibility to those everyday experiences where it matters most: restaurants and entertainment venues, retail, corporate boardrooms and classrooms.

LUCIA has been designed and engineered with quick install and very easy setup in mind. Each unit comes supplied with a wall-mount bracket allowing for discreet on-wall location (such as behind video displays) but can also be located close to wherever it needs to be in the room – such as next to projector or integrated into a reception counter, podium & lectern or bar area. All connections are via Euroblock screw terminals (also RCA phono inputs shared with channel 1 and 2), and level setting is available on front-panel potentiometers. Advanced circuitry protects the amplifier and connected loudspeakers from potential damage caused by clipping, thermal overload, or extreme low line voltage. The base models require no configuration whatsoever, with all DSP features fully automated (multi-band compressor, look-ahead limiter and load detection for optimized power output).

Designed with flexibility and speed of installation in mind.

LUCIA is built around an extremely compact and versatile Energy Star-qualified Class D amplifier platform. Combining innovative electronics with cutting-edge processing from the world of high-end broadcast audio, LUCIA delivers consistently great sound at any listening level. LUCIA sits at the heart of almost any room or zone where high quality audio, ease of use and flexibility are requirements – providing industry-renowned amplification, innovative DSP, plus flexible input and routing control in one quiet-running device. It does all the hard work, providing better sounding results ‘out of the box.’ Even when subject to demanding operating conditions, such as overdriven inputs, LUCIA prevents audible clipping so it always sounds great.


Energy Star Qualified

By maintaining very low current draw during operating cycles even at high output levels, and reduced power consumption during non-operational cycles, our Energy Star qualified products harness impeccable Lab.gruppen sonic performance and robust power output while meeting the rigorous efficiency requirements of current Energy Star certification standards. 


ADLC for great sound, everytime

Automatic Dynamic Loudness Contouring ensures a fuller and comfortable listening experience – especially at low perceived levels. Based on industry leading technology from TC Electronic, ADLC ensures that LUCIA makes the best of what comes into the system regardless of output gain (or “volume”).


Auto Load Sense

Innovative Auto Load Sense technology which detects the impedance load on each channel and self-configures for optimal performance, allowing it to deliver maximum power output on all loads from 2-8 ohms. This means a single LUCIA amplifier can be used to effectively drive up to 16 loudspeakers (if 16 ohm devices, 8 per channel).

Key Features

  • Innovative DSP front-end on all models – Unique multi-band compressor and look-ahead limiter design to ensure no audible clipping for great sounding results, all the time
  • Auto Load Sense (ALS™) – Proprietary auto-set Voltage Peak Limiter (VPL™) for optimum performance with any connected load, delivering maximum output power into 8, 4 or 2 ohms (2 × 30 W LUCIA 60/2 or 2 × 60 W LUCIA 120/2 or 2 × 120 W on LUCIA 240/2)
  • Advanced DSP – Featuring Automatic Dynamic Loudness Contouring (ADLC) delivers “fuller” and more satisfying listening experience – especially at low perceived levels
  • Energy Star qualified – Conforms to green building standards and latest Energy Star specifications
  • Configuration Software – Windows and Mac software wizard for initial set-up, advanced editor for preset configuration (connection via USB)
  • 4 × 4 mix matrix** – Route internally to amplifier or to line-level outputs
  • Comprehensive DSP features – Per-channel presets for high-pass filter parametric EQ, multi-band compressor, look ahead limiter
  • Default preset mode – Works out of the box for common applications with no configuration
  • GPIO – Remote control (eg. wall panel) for channel switching, level – integration with paging systems
  • Compact form factor – Half-rack, 1U chassis and supplied bracket for discreet on-wall mounting
  • Efficient Class D amplifier – Patented design
  • Fail-safe operation – Comprehensive short circuit, thermal, and under-voltage protection
  • Balanced and unbalanced (RCA) inputs – Connects to any input source
  • Universal power supply – Operates at 100 -240 V AC (50 or 60 Hz)
  • Auto standby and wake-up – Standby power consumption less than 1 W
  • Intelligent fan control – Silent operation in idle and at lower output levels
  • Sturdy metal chassis – Protection for long-term durability
  • CE, CSA, CCC and PSE approvals – Conforms to building codes worldwide

** – LUCIA ’M’ models only (LUCIA 60/2M, LUCIA 120/2M and 240/2M)