NomadLink Network

Remote monitoring and control

NomadLink Network

remote monitoring, control and power sequencing for C Series & FP+ Series

The NomadLink network provides remote monitoring, control, and power sequencing functions for multiple C Series or FP+ Series amplifiers. A full NomadLink network can comprise as many as 16 subnets, each supervised by an NLB 60E NomadLink Bridge & Network Controller. Each subnet can accommodate up to 60 amplifiers, thus allowing a single laptop computer – running Lab.gruppen’s DeviceControl software – to monitor and control as many as 960 amplifiers. NomadLink functions are built into Lab.gruppen C Series and FP+ Series amplifiers as standard; no separate modules need to be installed.

Configuring a NomadLink network is literally a snap. Simply click standard Cat-5 cables into the IN and OUT NomadLink ports on each amplifier to form a daisy chain. Connect the first amplifier to the OUT port of the NLB 60E, and the last amplifier to the IN port, thus forming a closed loop. The closed loop provides a redundant data path and greater network speed, al though the network will continue to function if the loop is broken. Amplifiers are detected identified automatically; no IP addresses are required to configure the network.

Key Features

  • Provides a bridge between Ethernet LAN and the NomadLink network
  • Controls and monitors a subnet comprising as many as 60 amplifiers
  • Up to 480 amplifier channels accessible on a single subnet
  • Direct, front-panel access to on/off functions for all connected amplifiers
  • Front panel LED indicates fault condition on any connected amplifier
  • Bright, white-on-blue, 2×16 character display
  • Voltage sensing General Purpose Input (GPI)
  • Contact closure General Purpose Inputs (GPI)
  • 1U metal chassis
  • Auto-sensing universal power supply