PLM Series

Building your reputation

on trusted performance

PLM Series

Tour-honed amplifier design philosophies distilled and refined for demanding install

The PLM Series (Powered Loudspeaker Management) includes the world’s most powerful four-channel amplifier platform in the industry-leading digital sound manipulation features of Lake Processing. The result is a seamlessly unified sound reinforcement core that offers unprecedented flexibility, pristine digital filtering and delay, plus effortless ability to drive difficult loads. When compared to conventional approaches using separate components, the PLM Series affords significant advantages in sonic performance, user functionality, rental inventory utilization, and long-term cost savings.

The new PLM 20000Q complements two other systems – the four-channel PLM 10000Q and the two-channel PLM 14000 – in the expanded PLM Series. All three integrate Dante™ networked audio distribution, renowned Lake® drive processing, and load verification with real-time performance monitoring . Each is housed in a 2U hardware frame and is supplied with a special version of the familiar Lake Controller software application for remote monitoring and control of all functions. The same Lake Controller-equipped computer can control any combination of PLM Series units, new stand-alone LM 26 Lake Processors, Dolby® Lake Processors, and legacy Lake units.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive loudspeaker preset database
  • LoadLibrary™ load “Fingerprint” (loudspeaker identity and characteristics)
  • Comprehensive LoadSmart™ load verification and SpeakerSafe™ continuous loudspeaker performance monitoring
  • Fully compatible with Dante™ low-latency digital networking
  • Fully compatible with Lake LM 26, Dolby Lake Processor, Lake Contour™, and Lake Mesa Quad and Parametric EQ™ devices
  • Primary and secondary network connections (for different topologies)
  • Digitally controlled “amplifier gain” adjustable in 0.1 dB steps from 20 to 44 dB
  • Digital output attenuation in 0.25 dB steps from – inf to 0 dB
  • Binding post or Neutrik® speakON® “embedded patch panel” output connectors
  • Digitally implemented, zero-overshoot Inter Sample Voltage Protection Limiting (ISVPL ™) adjustable in 0.1 V steps from 17.8 to 153 V (to 193 V PLM 14000 and 194 V PLM 20000Q)
  • Universal (100 – 240 V) Regulated Switch Mode Power Supply (R.SMPS™) works anywhere in the world – PLM 20000Q only
  • Under-Voltage Limiting (UVL™) enables continued operation with mains voltage sags as low as 65 V – PLM 20000Q only
  • Breaker Emulation Limiter (BEL™) – PLM 20000Q only
  • High-brightness front-panel LCD display
  • Silicone touchpad for front-panel display mode selection and menu navigation