Offering unique integration potential with implementations of both Dante and AVB networked digital audio.


Lab.gruppen has long been at the forefront of networked amplification, typified by the fact that we were one of the first manufacturers to licence Audinate's Dante digital audio networking protocol - first implemented on our award-winning PLM Series in 2007. Both PLM Series and Lake-variant D Series products are controllable via the Lake Controller software application, and all are fully compatible with other compatible Lake devices such as LM Series processors and Yamaha digital mixing desks utilizing the MY8-LAKE card.

Dante assignment and routing is integrated into the Controller making it all you need for the system’s Digital Audio Networking management. With the rapid proliferation of Dante devices in recent years, Dante equipped Lab.gruppen amplifiers can easily integrate into any eco-system - accepting digital audio transport from any number of matrixes, mixers and compatibile DSP platforms.

Now, there is virtually limitless integration potential with custom development of middleware enabling D Series or PLM Series amplifiers to be network controlled from a wide range of leading 3rd Party matrix and proprietary system manufacturers. The introduction of D Series also heralds a unique and unprecdented first with the 'Tesira-variant' models - incorporating integrated Tesira DSP from Biamp Systems and AVB network capability as standard. This opens up even greater potential for Lab.gruppen amplifier technology to integrate into virtually any system design. No other manufacturer offers the same high degree of networked audio and control integration potential.