System Integrity Monitoring

Our flagship D Series and PLM Series platforms benefit from class-leading system integrity monitoring capabilities.


Pilot Tone

A Pilot Tone function - facilitating the generation and real-time monitoring of an inaudible test signal within the PLM Series and D Series (Lake-variant models only) - is designed to support mission-critical PA/VA installations that require 24/7 monitoring of the connected loudspeakers, typically with fault detection within 45s.

This means that any fault within a large scale system can be immediately notified, located and rectified. This implementation ensures that both D Series and PLM Series meets the most stringent system requirements for large-scale mission-critical PA/VA applications. 


LoadSmart is a comprehensive system testing tool that can quickly and accurately isolate problems such as miss-wired arrays, open or damaged voice coils, or developing problems such as rubbing voice coils that may lead to failure.

The LoadSmart verification test takes seconds, and the test signal cannot damage connected loudspeakers. The test can be run before the system is used to verify readiness, and then again after a performance when the audience is not present. Problems that may have developed during use can be isolated to facilitate preventive maintenance.


LoadLibrary is a unique database that provides precise descriptions of loudspeaker characteristics under controlled conditions of applied signal and ambient temperature. LoadLibrary data is created by loudspeaker manufacturers, or in association with major users, using carefully defined Lab.gruppen test procedures. LoadLibrary data is specific for each discrete component of the connected load: a single loudspeaker cabinet: or the discrete drivers(s) as internally connected in two-, three-, or four-way systems.