D Series 80:4T/Ta

D Series 80:4T/T<lc>a</lc>

Tech Spec

ModelD Series 80:4T/Ta
Processing / NetworkTesira® by Biamp / AVB
Number of amplifier channels4
Total burst power all channels (share among channels with RPM)8000 W
Max output power (all channels driven)1
2 ohms2000 W
2.67 ohms2000 W
4 ohms2000 W
8 ohms1500 W
16 ohms750 W
Hi-Z 70 V2000 W
Hi-Z 100 V2000 W
Max output power single channel (all models)1
2 ohms4400 W
2.67 ohms5900 W
4 ohms4600 W
8 ohms2300 W
16 ohms1150 W
Hi-Z 70 V3300 W
Hi-Z 100 V4700 W
Amplifier output modules (all models, all channels)
Peak output voltage194 V
Max. output current67 A
Rational Power Management (RPM)Regardless of model, any channel has potential to deliver the max single channel output power (1 channel on D 80:4, 2 channels on D 120:4)
Default voltage limitation (can be lifted with RPM configuration)155 V
Protection featuresCurrent Average Limiter (CAL), Very High Frequency Protection (VHF), Direct Current Protection (DC), Short Circuit Protection, Current-Clip Limiter, Voltage Clip Limiter, Temperature protection
Amplifier platform
Inter Sample Voltage Peak Limiter (ISVPL)Configurable Peak voltage threshold and profile
Amplifier gain Digital configurable amplifier gain 22 - 44 dB
Dynamic range > 114 dB
Channel separation (Crosstalk) at 1 kHz> 70 dB
Temperature controlRegulated fans and show must go on limitation (ATL, PTL)
Internal Sample Rate / Data path48 / 96 kHz / 32 bit floating point
Product propagation delay (straight path analog server input -> amp)3.857 ms / 185 samples @ 48 kHz
Back panel user interface
Optional analog inputs 4 x Terminal block connectors mic/line level analog input with +,- and ground
Output connectors4 x 2 pole Terminal block connectors rated at 1000V/76A (exceeding amplifier capacity) Can take up to 16 mm2 (6 AWG) cables
Ethernet Ports1 x RJ45 Tesira® Control, AVB networked Audio
Serial control portDB-9 RS232 for power state management
General purpose I/OLocal GPIO for power state management and amplifier surveillance
Detachable mains cordNeutrik PowerCon rated at 250V/32A
AVB Audio Network
AVB I/O4x4
Sample rates / transport48 kHz / Unicast
Network latencyConfigurable 1 or 2 milliseconds
Optional 4 channels analog inputs (included in the Ta versions)
UsageConfigurable as Tesira system inputs or analog failover
Balanced mic or line level input+48V phantom power and digitally controlled input gain
Maximum input and digital reference+24 dBu
Sampling rate / resolution48 kHz / 24 bit
Input impedance8 k ohm
Frequency response (20 Hz - 20 kHz @ 4 dBu)+/- 0.25 dB
THD+N (20 Hz - 20 kHz @ 0 dB gain +4 dBu in)0.006%
Dynamic range (20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0 dB)> 108 dB
Cross talk (20 Hz - 20 kHz @ 0 dB gain + 4 dBu in)> 85 dB
Front-panel user interface
System status indication 3 x 3 colored LED. ALARM, ACTIVITY, STATUS for Tesira® system status and Device STATUS indication
Channel status indication3 x 3 colored LED per channel. Status indication separated for channel LOAD, AMP, SIGNAL status
MutePer channel touch button for MUTE control and bicolored LED
PowerTouch button for ON/SLEEP control and 3 colored LED for power state indication
SelectTouch button and LED for bidirectional device software select functionality
Mains Power
Nominal voltage100 - 240 Volt AC 50 - 60 Hz
Operating voltage 70 - 265 V AC 45 - 66 Hz
Mains wall plugSelectable on order
CEE 7/7 “Schuko” 230 V / 16 A
NEMA L5-30 “Twistlock” 125 V / 30 A
NEMA 5-15P 125 V / 15 A (D 80:4 only)
NEMA 5-20P 125 V / 20 A (D 120:4 only)
NEMA 6-20P 250 V / 20 A
AS/NZS 3112 230 V / 15 A (Aus/Nz)
BS 546 230 V / 16 A (India)
C-30P 125 V / 30 A (Japan)
Power supply features
Soft start / Inrush powerYes/ Max 8 A
Power factor correction > 0.98 for mains power > 400 W
Regulated switch mode power supply (R.SMPS)Yes
Breaker Emulation Limiter (BEL)Configurable current threshold and breaker profile
BEL max current threshold15 A
Power Average Limiter (PAL)Yes
Under Voltage Limiter (UVL) Yes
Mains undervoltage and overvoltage protection and mains glitch toleranceYes
Rack rail to rear panelW: 483 mm (19"), H: 88 mm (2 U), D: 424 mm (16")
Overall depth front-rear supportD: 463 mm
Weight14.5 kg (32 lbs)
FinishBlack painted steel chassis with grey painted steel front with detachable grille


  • 1. Lab.gruppen burst power (1 kHz, 25 ms burst power @ 150 BPM, 12 dB Crest factor)