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ISVPL (Inter-Sample Voltage Peak Limiter)

ISVPL Precisely Tailors Each Output for Any Type of Load. No Matter What the Loudspeaker Cabinet Type or the Arrangement of Transducers.

A digitally implemented version of Lab Gruppen’s proprietary Voltage Peak Limiter (VPL). Known as the ISVPL™, this is a digitally implemented, zero overshoot, inter sample peak limiter. Working in tandem with the LoadLibrary™, ISVPL precisely tailors each output for any type of load.

No matter what the loudspeaker cabinet type or the arrangement of transducers – from a single massive 2-ohm subwoofer to a series of 16-ohm mid- or high-frequency drivers – ISVPL will ensure the correct calibrated output. Working in concert, the digitally enabled input gain and ISVPL optimize each channel for maximum headroom regardless of input signal dynamics or load impedances.